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            More international brands
            未来,欧菲国际家居引领环球艺术家居生活方式,将携其原创设计品牌 OFY CASA 几大系列产品,并与旗下10余个全球著名家具品牌RobertoCavalli、Savio Firmino、dride、等国际知名品牌继续深化战略合作关系,以“打造艺术家居之美,成就幸福美好生活”为愿景,为世界各地高端人士提供完美的家居服务。
            In the future, the Philippine international household as a leading global art household life way, will be there with its original design brand OFY Casa several major series of products, and with more than 10 a global famous furniture brand Roberto Cavalli,  Savio Firmino, dride, and other international well-known brands continue to deepen the strategic cooperative relations, to "the art of the achievement of global consumers lives in a way of life" as the vision, perfect for people in the world high-end household services.